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November 15, 2008

Thanks For Visiting!

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This page was set up so that the friends, former students, and family of Jim Billingsley would be able to honor him on his 85th birthday.  Because  Jim has touched so many lives, and has meant so much to all of us, we thought that it would be nice to let him know the impact he’s had by having people leave a comment for him to read on his birthday.  We were thrilled with your response.  He had no idea that the blog existed and was shown it for the first time on the evening of his birthday (November 6th).  He was absolutely amazed and overwhelmed by the comments of each of you.  Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make this birthday so special for him.  He has written a response to everyone which is posted on the “Thanks To Everyone” page. Please feel free to continue to leave any comments you’d like or if you are new to the site, to leave a first comment by clicking on the “comments” link below (where you can also read what others have written).  Thanks again for helping us let Jim know that his life has had such a positive influence on others.

P.S. Don’t forget to read the short biography about his life by clicking on the “About Mr. B.” page on the far right of the screen.

P.P.S.  Jim has written a response to everyone to thank you all for writing.  Please click on the “Thanks To Everyone!” page, found under the “About Mr. B.” page, to read.


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